Background Research and Reports

WEC: Climate & Clean Energy

Sierra Club – Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels (Ready for 100; Beyond Coal; Beyond Oil; Beyond Natural Gas) – Science (Climate Change, moving from Fossil Fuels)

Coyote Island Terminal Coal Export Project (not sure if this is still active, but it’s slated for the Columbia River if so – very BAD!)

Staggering Increase in Oil Spills via Rail (interactive map)

Top 20 onshore U.S. oil and gas spills since 2010

Twenty-Five Years of Oil Spills

List of natural gas and oil production accidents in the United States

Crude-by-Rail Across America

How oil pipelines became one of the most divisive issues in Canadian politics

Series: Northwest Coal & Oil Exports (Sightline Institute)


Map of Oil Pipelines in Cascadia (Sightline Institute)

Washington (state) and coal (Sourcewatch)

The Carbon Capture Report
Since 2005 the Carbon Capture Report has created a daily summary of the global state of climate change and the world’s core energy sectors, charting the major developments and narratives guiding both the fields’ evolutions and the public conversation around them. Leveraging 23 years of expertise in global scale web mining that began the year after Mosaic debuted, the Carbon Capture Report became a staple for those tracking the global climate and energy discourse, at its peak becoming on of the top 65,000 websites worldwide by traffic and having a daily email subscriber base covering 120 countries.

Freight Rail & Energy: Safely Moving Coal, Ethanol & Crude Oil (rail industry ‘statistics’ on energy transport safety)