April 2015

Oil Train Bill Hits Railroads With Surcharge For Flawed Tank Cars

Stein calls for oil train shutdown

Officials call for safer crude rail cars

U.S., Canadian regulators to announce new oil train safety standards

Derailed oil train’s crew told investigators they had seconds to escape

Propane “Mega-Bomb” Trains: What Could Go Wrong?

Fewer Oil Trains Ply America’s Rails

“Carbon Copy”: How Big Oil and King Coal Ghost Write Letters for Public Officials, Business Groups

U.S. safety board: Oil train tank cars need urgent upgrades

Washington Senators Are Trying to Pressure the Feds into Enacting Oil-Train Safety Rules… Now

BNSF Engineer Who Manned Exploding North Dakota “Bomb Train” Sues Former Employer

BNSF Challenges Lawsuit From Engineer Who Ran For His Life From Exploding Oil “Bomb Train”