May 2015

Oil industry sues government over train safety rules

Fiery W. Virginia oil train derailment

Schumer urges tougher oil train safety rules

Billions in fund, safety wall urged in oil train safety reports

Crude spill react plan

New oil-train safety rules will put public back in the dark

New oil-train rules leave a lot of questions unanswered

Oil train derails in North Dakota, days after feds unveil new rules

Oil in North Dakota derailment was treated to cut volatility

Vandalism on inactive rail line used to justify oil train secrecy

New rules on oil trains draw flak from firefighters, too

Heitkamp: First responders ‘very prepared’ for oil train fire

In brief: Pipeline spill dumps oil along California coast

Feds order oil train cars with leaky valves pulled for repair

4 oil train accidents occurred this year in U.S., Canada

TransCanada Considers Keystone XL Pipeline Alternative, Oil By Rail

Did the Derailed Amtrak Train Nearly Collide With an Oil-Filled Freight Car?

Riverkeeper sues feds over new oil train rules

This Map Shows How U.S. Oil Train Accidents Skyrocketed

Feds’ new oil train rules make oil cars safer but not the cargo they carry

Oil tankers: Danger on the rails

The U.S. Is Getting Serious About Oil Train Explosions. Here’s How It Plans To Stop Them.

Low Oil Prices = Less Oil Drilling

Big Oil: Five years after Deepwater Horizon

Transportation Department Releases New Safety Rules For Oil By Rail

Firefighters’ Union Says New Oil-By-Rail Rules Fall Short

Environmental Groups Sue Over Oil Train Rules, Cite Amtrak Crash

Feds Finalize Rules for Crude-Oil Trains, and Some (Including Senator Maria Cantwell) Aren’t Very Happy About It

Obama Administration Leaves Explosive Oil Trains on the Rails for Years