June 2016

Washington firefighters want oil trains halted, ask Inslee for help

Oil train derails, catches fire in Columbia River Gorge

Feds: Railroad failed to maintain track where oil train derailed, burned

Weakened rail bolts could mean more oil-train derailments, Oregon officials say

Despite fears, number of oil trains still increasing in Port of Tacoma

Coal terminal plan pits jobs against environmental concerns

Coal export terminal suffers second big setback: State permit is denied

‘Bomb trains’ are dangerous waiting game

Oil trains: Danger rolls too close to home

Oil trains: Local authorities must prepare for derailment

Luck Rides The Rails: Another Near Miss with an “Insane” Bakken Oil Bomb Train

‘We are playing catch-up’ to oil-train threats in Washington state

Critics: River route no place for oil trains after crash

Crews work to contain sheen after Oregon train derailment

Railroad says broken bolt caused Oregon train derailment

State agency calls for Vancouver oil terminal denial

Vancouver oil terminal is not worth risk

Mosier Fire Chief Calls Shipping Bakken Crude Oil By Rail ‘Insane’

Fiery derailment leads to hold on oil trains

Biggest-in-nation oil terminal would pose bigtime fire risk, state agency warns

The Latest: Oregon leaders want temporary stop to oil trains

Oregon train derailment spills oil, sparks fire

The Latest: Several cars ablaze in Oregon train derailment

Oil removed from train that derailed in Columbia River town

11 oil train cars derail near river in Oregon

Leaders ask Oregon, Washington governors to ban oil-by-train

The Latest: 14 cars on oil train derailed, 4 caught fire

Track failure likely cause of oil train derailment

APNewsBreak: Railroad to blame for fiery oil train derailment on Oregon-Washington border, federal investigators say

Railroad to replace bolts after fiery oil train derailment

Oil train protesters briefly disrupt Obama speech

Oil train derails, catches fire in Columbia River Gorge; I-84 closed

Oil train derailment and fire send Cantwell on Foxx hunt for tighter safety

Senators: ‘Imminent hazard’ requires oil train rules ‘immediately’

As Mosier Oil Train Derailment Unfolds, Union Pacific Works to Expand Oil-by-Rail in the Columbia Gorge

Coal Terminal Study Vastly Underestimates Coal Dust Threat

Mosier Oil Train Derailment Ignites “Mosier Voices”

Washington Governor Calls for Oil Train Moratorium on Union Pacific

Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission: Mosier Oil Train Derailment Statement

Oil train explosion a warning