June 2018

Canadian company moves to mine on lands cut from monument

Report: Oil line makes nearly 400 Michigan water crossings

Rich Nations Spend $100 bln a Year on Fossil Fuels Despite Climate Pledges

Canadians Sign Letter Opposing U.S. Arctic Drilling in Wildlife Sanctuary

TransCanada Keystone XL May Be One Oil Pipeline Too Many

Panama Canal drops LNG transit restrictions

Deals awarded for LNG Canada feeder pipeline construction

Husky wants to build Saskatchewan oil pipeline, replace one that leaked in 2016

Panama’s first LNG terminal receives commissioning cargo

Natural gas and energy poverty

Railroads Are Making Freight Trains Longer and Longer

Report: Oil line makes nearly 400 Michigan water crossings

Enbridge: On track to put new Line 3 into service next year

Crude oil leaks from derailed train in Iowa

3 Dozen Oil Tankers Spill In Iowa Train Derailment

Railroad unloading oil from cars after Iowa derailment

The Latest: Estimated 230,000 gallons of oil spilled

Kinder Morgan proposes $2 billion gas pipeline

Oil exports hit new 3 million barrels record

Panama Canal opens way for more LNG tankers with US exports rising

U.S. LNG: Fulfilling A Strategic Role In Transatlantic Trade

Canada Bets On Trans Mountain Expansion To Sell Oil In Asia

Oil trains on the rebound to Northeast refineries, federal data show

Texas oil boom has environmental advocates choosing between 2 unwelcome scenarios

Crude oil leaks from derailed train in Iowa

Big Banks Face Fossil Fuel Resistance at Annual Meetings

Opposition group sprouts in response to Corpus Christi oil export plans

Global LNG trade rises alongside U.S. production

Lawsuit seeks protection for crayfish from coal mining

China expected to spare LNG imports from tariffs