Sept 2019 – PNW News

Opinion: Why I refuse to hang my paintings in Gov. Brown’s office

BNSF Idaho bridges plan advances

Demonstrators hold 60-hour vigil at Zenith Energy in NW Portland (PHOTOS)

LNG plant: Why build in earthquake risk area?

Near and far, Tacoma’s natural gas plant is bad for human health

Court blocks Alberta’s Move to Cut Off Oil Flow to British Columbia

Canada invites public comments for Cedar LNG project

From forest fires to pipeline jobs, politics of climate hit home for northern B.C. residents

Portland mayor’s staff left believing false information after briefing by oil terminal execs, notes indicate

Brunell: Tacoma Liquefied Natural Gas project needs to happen (NO NO NO NO NO NO!!)

DEQ allows permits for ethanol plant in Oregon

Letter: Don’t be fooled about Kalama plant

Indigenous-led group says it won’t leave the Capitol until Gov. Inslee meets 4 demands

Physician says bad science is behind permit process for LNG plant in Tacoma

Letters to the editor for Sept. 20 – Stop the Kalama Methanol Refinery