November 2020 – National News

Minnesota grants key permits for Line 3 crude oil pipeline

Coal Consumption In U.S. Electricity Sector Plunges 30%

Coal Miners Are Turning Their Backs On Trump

Colorado Approves Stricter Rules For Oil & Gas Drilling

Michigan Order Enbridge To Shut Down Line 5

Where a booming oil market meets wind and solar alternatives, geopolitics happens

DEP: Revolution Pipeline can’t go into service until stability issues are fixed

Michigan governor seeks shutdown of Great Lakes oil pipeline

TC Energy says Keystone XL pipeline fits Biden agenda [EDITORIAL: F*** You, TC Energy!]

Army Corps of Engineers grants final federal Line 3 permit

Minnesota issues another approval for disputed oil pipeline

Enbridge sues Michigan over oil pipeline shutdown order | The Seattle Times

Minnesota tribes file to halt pipeline approval due to virus

Minnesota gives final green light to disputed oil pipeline