December 2020 – Local and Regional News

Lessons from Whatcom oil train spill

Why the Kalama methanol refinery would hurt the Yakama tribe

Proposed Washington state methanol plant would likely slow rise of global greenhouse gas emissions, says new study [EDITORIAL: Crock of S*** – how can producing MORE methanol REDUCE global emissions? Nope.]

Is carrying crude oil by rail worth the risk? This expert says no

Train carrying crude oil derails, catches fire in Whatcom County

Bellingham women face federal terror charge over train track interference

National labor group urges Inslee, Ecology to approve Kalama methanol plant

Letter: Let them build plant in China

Letter: Reject Kalama methanol plant

Train cars carrying crude oil derail, burn north of Seattle

No injuries or damages in Whatcom oil train derailment as cleanup, investigations begin

Derailed oil train catches fire again in Custer

Federal officials investigate fiery oil train derailment

Fiery oil train crash was near where two arrested, accused of attempted terrorist attack on tracks: feds investigate

Union coalition urges state to approve methanol plant [F NO.]

Investigation continues around oil-train derailment, fire in Custer, Whatcom County

Train carrying crude oil derails, catches fire in Custer (video)

No damage to wildlife, environment detected outside of Whatcom County train derailment and oil spill site, officials say

Derailed train cars to be removed Tuesday