March 2021 – National News

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As debate rages over cross-border pipelines, U.S. analysts brace for more oil by rail

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In shift, oil industry group backs federal price on carbon

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Plan to allow thousands of California oil wells faces vote

Montana county approves permit to build pipeline under river

Pipeline developer awards grants to promote conservation

Feds release investigative docs on Kentucky pipeline blast

Letter: Not the time to add natural gas infrastructure

Proposed pipeline extension into NC gains new life in court

Whitmer offers plan to supply propane after pipeline closes

States sue Biden in bid to revive Keystone XL pipeline

Indiana utility fined $1.1M for pipeline safety violations

Questions remain after tough year in North Dakota oil patch

In a first, US pipeline agency weighs climate change impacts

Energy secretary says oil industry must embrace green transition

IDOT happy with Jersey, Madison projects

Pipeline protester who refused to testify back behind bars