Dec 29, 2020 Update: This site was founded over 6 years ago to help combat the growing threat of oil and coal trains being forced through the PacNW to potential oil and coal terminals on the coast, to send raw resources to China and the Far East. Since that time, many of these threats to the PNW have been met and blocked in many cases, time and again.

However, despite the major threat of Trump and petroleum/environmental deregulation having now been slowed significantly if not completely stopped in many ways, this doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels. Puget Sound Energy hasn’t stopped using Natural Gas to generate energy. The methanol plant proposed for Kalama, WA while having some major setbacks this year, isn’t dead yet. The LNG Export terminal proposed for Coos Bay, OR isn’t completely dead yet. And, as recently as earlier this month we have seen an oil train derail – in other words, our work isn’t done yet in the PNW by any means.

By serving as a news and information resource across the PNW from Oregon up through BC and over to Idaho, we help enable all the advocacy groups working to STOP fossil fuel exploitation and pollution of our special region for now, and hopefully, forever.

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